PureBred, the bread that loves Every 'Body'.

At last, gluten free bread that is healthy, nutritional AND tasty!

Gallagher's Bakery are proud to present the tasty PureBred range of award winning, healthy, natural and delicious gluten free bread, bread rolls and cakes. Endorsed by the Great Taste and Innovation in Industry Awards, PureBred gluten free products are the perfect choice for coeliacs, for people with wheat allergies or for those who are simply choosing a more healthier lifestyle. PureBred is a marriage of wholesome, natural ingredients and the loving care of expert master bakers bringing deliciousness and goodness to your table.

Nestled in the beautiful hills of Donegal,
Gallagher's traditional bakery has been producing high quality breads and cakes for over forty years. This family of craftsman bakers have maintained their traditional baking methods, passing their knowledge from generation to generation and drawing on their experience to produce delicious home baking in a state of the art facility. Each skilled baker has added their own special touch to the family recipes, so that the finest high quality fresh ingredients are lovingly baked to perfection.

PureBred gluten free bread and cakes were born from this pride and experience. Gallagher's bakers have tried, tested and perfected their gluten free range with their usual holistic and nutritionally balanced approach to producing fine food. The results have been amazing!

The PureBred gluten free range of bread is low in fat ( less than 60 calories per slice! ) high in fibre, gluten free, wheat free, dairy free and yet, packed full of flavour. A healthy option without losing out on taste! PureBred tasty wholemeal rolls have just 1.5grms of fat, making them a good lifestyle choice for all. The PureBred recipe has been perfected by our master bakers to be unique amongst gluten free products; good texture, increased 'spreadability' eliminating the need to toast and above all else, good taste. But don't just take our word for it. See what the experts, PureBred's valued customers, have to say...

2 weeks ago I discovered your bread and it is just superb. I have a bad gluten allergy and all bread I had tried before tasted like cardboard. I know most people might think its a bit silly to be excited about bread, but believe me when you can't eat it then you really miss it. Thank you for producing such a lovely product and it tastes the same or better than ordinary bread.
-Cathy Johnston

PureBred gluten free products truly are the bread that loves every 'Body'